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Testing &

Haan Health
Free Respiratory AND VACCINATION Clinic Upper Coomera

A Collaborative of Haan Health with the Australian Government Department of Health.

Dr. Sonu Haikerwal and the Haan Health team is proud to bring our Respiratory and Vaccination Clinic to the community of Northern Gold Coast. We will be assisting the national roll out of vaccinations for COVID-19 as well as continuing to operate a testing clinic that can help identify and diagnose any respiratory issues early. We are committed to delivering this service with the philosophy that we are known for - a holistic, whole-body approach to health in a warm, caring and empathetic environment whilst being professional, thorough and informative.

Specialised testing and assessment for all fever or respiratory symptoms and COVID-19 Positive patients

  • Covid-19
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Colds
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Tonsilitis
  • Lung disease

Free. Families welcome.

  • All patients
  • No referral required
  • All patients from other GP practices welcome
  • Testing and assessments provided for your regular GP

Covid-19 symptoms?


All ages can contract Covid-19 through community transmission. You may show no symptoms and you could be a carrier. If you think you have Covid-19 symptoms, or need to be tested, call us now before visiting our centres to minimise exposure. Our highly skilled team is prepared and ready, with increased precautions to ensure our clinic is a clean and safe environment during your visit to Haan.


What you should do

If you are experiencing a medical episode contact 000 immediately.

Who should book an appointment?

  • Any age
  • Any fever symptoms
  • Any respiratory symptoms (cold, cough, sore throat, etc)
  • Any condition (asthma, runny nose, pregnancy, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, etc)
  • Covid Positive patients are welcome

How to book an appointment?


What will happen when you arrive?

  • Wear a mask
  • Come to the clinic and wait in the flagged area outside in the front
  • One of our staff will take your details and provide you with a form
  • Check the details on the form are correct
  • Examination will be by doctor in our clinic
  • A swab may be taken during your consultation
  • A script may be given during your consultation
  • At exit leave your mask on

What information will I receive when I get discharged?

  • Discharge letter to take to your regular GP regarding your visit
  • Follow up with your regular GP via Telehealth regarding your visit with the Respiratory Clinic

What happens after I have been tested for COVID-19?

  • You will be asked to self-isolate until you get your swab results
  • Self isolation means staying at home and not accepting visitors. If you live with other family members or flat mates, wearing a mask will reduce transmission. Sleep alone.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol based gel regularly. Cover your nose and mouth with tissue or flexed elbow when coughing and sneezing.
  • If your swab is negative for COVID-19, test results will be communicated via text message or phone call if you have landline
  • If your swab is positive for Covid-19, clinical unit from the Gold Coast University Hospital will contact you and provide further advice
  • If you do not get results within 72 hours contact Haan Health Respiratory Clinic on 5529 7125
  • If your swab is negative you still need to self isolate if you meet the following criteria:
    • Returned from travel overseas prior to 16 March 2020
    • Returned from any overseas country after 15 March 2020
    • Are a contact of confirmed case

Our Clinic

We may look scary, but it’s to keep you safe! Haan Health is accredited by the Australia Government as a Respiratory Clinic and Covid-19 testing centre. Our Coomera location has undergone rigorous testing to conform to the health regulations, with increased precautions in this time and our highly skilled team will guide you through the process with minimal stress.


Part of the Haan Health group of medical centres

It is more important than ever before to keep your routine health care up to date. Do not neglect existing medical issues, or any non Covid-19 related health issues. At Haan Health Medical centres in Broadbeach and Upper Coomera we have all your medical needs covered with our expert team of practitioners available to help you with medical diagnosis. Our goal is to assist you with the most effective treatments, specifically tailored to your personal well-being. Some of the services provided within our medical precinct include an in-house dietician, exercise physiologist, medication reviews, pathology, physiotherapy, psychologist and podiatrist.

Mon-Fri 8.30-5.00   |   Sat 8:30-12:00 |    Sun and Public Holidays closed

5529 7125   |
Shop 6, 21 Coomera Grand Dr, Upper Coomera

Please Note that Haan Health Medical Centre is still open for business as usual.
Please do not delay or avoid your routine care. You will be seen in a safe environment.