COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Haan Health Vaccination Clinic
Upper Coomera

A Collaborative of Haan Health with the Australian Government Department of Health.

The COVID-19 Vaccination has been designed to lower the chance of getting sick from the disease COVID-19. The vaccine is free and is voluntary. It is administered via needle in your arm. You will need to have the vaccination twice. We will arrange a date for your second vaccine when you attend the clinic for your initial dose.

Medical experts had studied the COVID-19 vaccines to make sure they are safe. Most side effects are mild and don’t last for long. As with any vaccine, there may be rare and/or unknown side effects. Please speak with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Important Notes

  • The vaccine is not a guarantee of protection against contracting COVID-19.
  • You still need to practice hygeine precautions as directed by health officials.
  • Vaccine providers record all vaccinations on the Australian Immunisation Register as required by law. You can view your vaccination record online through your Medicare Account, MyGov Account or MyHealthRecord account.

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